Osteopathie-Institut Hamburg

This website for the Osteopathie-Insitut Hamburg, a school to learn Osteopathie was one of the last websites I created before I started working as a Frontend Engineer for XING on just one product.

I invested full effort into it not only because the teacher of that school was my Martial Arts teacher at that time, but also because the provided material (photos, quotes, text) was fantastic.

The website had an interactive carousel on the homepage, collapsible sections in the course section, a custom Google Map pin, and a contact form.

Color Palette

R0 G40 B86 
H212 S100 L17 
R229 G233 B238 
H213 S21 L92 
R174 G198 B5 
H67 S95 L40 
R190 G209 B55 
H67 S63 L52 
R205 G221 B104 
H68 S63 L64 
R222 G233 B155 
H68 S64 L76 
R255 G255 B255 
H0 S0 L100 

Typefaces Delicous and Baskerville


Training Page