I’m a Frontend Developer by profession. But I worked in previous jobs also in Design, Editing, and 3D Animation. I even created Flash Animations and Multimedia CD-ROMs when this was still a thing.

I like the concept of the Renaissance Man and try out as many different professions as possible.

These are some of the projects I created over the last years.

Design / Web Development

The Traditional Colors of Japan

In 2007 I stumbled upon a Japanese book about the traditional colors of Japan by Nobyoshi Hamada. He listed all 250 colors with their color value in the appendix. I took some time to create an ASE file to be used with all common design software.

With this version of the website I finally dedicate an extra section to the colors, listing them all with their name and color values.

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R215 G84 B85 
H360 S62 L59 
R150 G99 B46 
H31 S53 L38 
R58 G143 B183 
H199 S52 L47 
R0 G98 B132 
H195 S100 L26 

Journal & Blog

I have been writing articles on this website since 2007. The topics include programming, design, self-improvement, productivity, books, and films. The collection has been much bigger, but I deleted outdated and irrelevant articles. Since 2019 I also write a monthly article with recommendations of the past month.

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Poetry / Writing


I started writing Haiku poetry some years ago inspired by the works of the Japanese Haiku poet Matsuo Bashō. I think Haiku is a fun, creative way to use limitation and brevity while saying something meaningful.

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Illustration / Writing


One of my passions is Sketchnotes or also called Visual Notetaking. In Sketchnoting you use visual language to quickly visualize ideas, notes, or thoughts. I create Sketchnotes since I first visited a workshop in 2015.

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Illustration / Icon Design

XING Onboarding Illustration

I was asked to create three new illustrations that could be used for an Onboarding screen on XING. I accepted the challenge to take over this task outside of my job description and finished the whole process from concept, scribbles to final illustrations in a day.

Bamboo Illustration

Bamboo Illustration

I created the bamboo illustration in 2006 for my Martial Arts website used Adobe Illustrator and the gradient grid tool.

2015 I decided to use my bamboo as SVG on my Unfortunately, the gradient tool is not supported in SVG and I needed recreate my bamboo with linear, radial, and other supported gradients in Affinity Designer.

Web Design / Web Development / Writing

Martial Arts Website

My Martial Arts Online Magazine with the topic of Ninja & Ninjutsu was first launched in 1999 and is my oldest and most visited website. The current design is already the 7th iteration of the design.

Writing / Graphic Design

Book & Book Cover

I wrote this book in 2017 out of the articles I’ve written on my Martial Arts website in the last 20 years. It’s a book in German about the Ninja and their secret art of Ninjutsu.

I also designed the book cover for my book. The book was written with GitBook and can be read or downloaded for free as PDF, ePub, or Mobi eBook.

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Web Design / Web Development

Personal Website & Blog

My website and blog first launched in 2006 and is the website you’re looking at. The previous design was the 2nd iteration of the design.

Web Design / Web Development / Photography

Exploring Hamburg

I created this Photography Blog for one of my hobbies: I explore the city Hamburg, mostly walking, sometimes biking to find out more about the individual districts and to shoot photos.

Illustration / Painting

Koi Illustration

I created this illustration for a previous version of my website in 2007 with a pencil on paper and then brought it into Adobe Photoshop, where all coloring was done.

Web Design / Web Development

Osteopathie-Institut Hamburg

I created this website for the Osteopathie-Institut Hamburg in 2010 as one of my last websites before I started working as a Frontend Engineer for XING.

Graphic Design / Web Design / Web Development

Thai Restaurants Hamburg

I created this small website for three Thai restaurants in Hamburg in 2010. It was online for nearly ten years and I had a lot of fun creating it.

Type Design / Graphic Design

Ingo: Iga Ninja Cipher Font

The Iga Ninja Cipher Font was created by me of an image provided by the Iga Ninja Museum in Japan and is said to be a font for correspondence in cipher. It was a fun personal project to learn how to create a typeface.