Thai Restaurants Hamburg

I created this small website for three Thai restaurants in Hamburg in 2010. Of the more than 100 websites I created in my career, this one I still remember. It stayed online for nearly 10 years.

I learned a lot about Graphic Design while working on it. I created the complete graphic by myself and learned how to design Gold items. I wanted to stay as true to Thai culture as possible and researched in-depth the colors and style of Thailand.

Color Palette

R36 G23 B1 
H38 S95 L7 
R75 G46 B1 
H36 S97 L15 
R107 G57 B32 
H20 S54 L27 
R216 G187 B52 
H49 S68 L53 
R194 G188 B141 
H53 S30 L66 

Typeface Diavlo


Making-Of Buddha Composition