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Some Stuff I Carry Around Every Day

A few days ago Ryan Holiday posted the article “Here’s Some Stuff Worth Carrying With You Everywhere” with an accompanying video on his blog.

Ever since I read the article “Meet the men obsessed with carrying all the right stuff” on Vox, I had the plan to write a similar article, but never had the time to do it.

But due to Coronavirus, there isn’t much else to do, so I finally shot a photo of my Everyday Carries.

My every day carries
My Everyday Carries

Apple iPhone

In my left pocket, I carry my iPhone 11, 64 GB in black. It’s super fast and the best phone I ever had. I also didn’t pay one cent for it thanks to my employer. I use a transparent Torras Crystal Clear iPhone Case to protect it.

When I’m at home I usually put my iPhone into a drawer, to not be constantly distracted by it.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I always carry my Kindle Paperwhite (7. Generation) with me. It’s either in my backpack or in the pocket of my jacket. Whenever I have a few minutes of spare time I read some of my books.

I also bought an accompanying leather cover in Ink blue. It’s soft and nice to hold. Closing the magnetic cover will shut off the Kindle.

Apple Watch

On my left arm I wear an Apple Watch (Series 0 🤘). Not waterproof, no always-on display, most apps don’t run any more, but the battery still holds a whole day, including a 40-minute training session.

And the best thing: I didn’t pay for it, I won it in a prototyping competition from my employer. But I think I might replace the Apple Watch this year with a new model because I miss my Apps like Things on my watch.

Apple AirPods Pro

Since December 2019 I always carry my AirPods Pro with me, either in my left pocket or in my jacket. I’m pleased with them, as they shield of all the noise while riding on trains or planes.

Traveler’s Notebook

In my jacket, back pocket, or bag I always carry a Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size in Camel. Usually, I have 2-3 paper notebooks in it. I also have a Traveler’s Notebook Regular Size , but usually don’t carry it with me around.

I bought my notebook at Property Of… and the leather embossing of my initials was included.

My favorite pen is the MUJI Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm with black ink. It’s not smudge-proof and I have other pens for Sketchnotes, but the writing experience of this one is just too good.

Laguiole en Aubrac Pocket Knife

I bought my Laguiole en Aubrac pocket knife a few years ago and it is always in my right pocket. It’s a traditional french knife handmade by artists from Aubrac. Every knife is a unique piece and the artist carves a special pattern on the back of the knife. It’s available in all price ranges. The handle of my knife is made from juniper wood.

I always carry one, because Every Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife.

Secrid Miniwallet

For 6 or 7 years I own a Secrid Miniwallet, carried in my right pocket. It’s now so old, I can’t even tell the original color, but probably some grey. A co-worker showed this Dutch brand to me and I was instantly amazed. I always loved small wallets, but this one is the best.

It is made from leather covering an Aluminium case, preventing unwanted RFID and NFC communication or bending and breaking of the cards. It has a supercool mechanism to release the cards. It can hold 4-6 cards in the case and another 4 cards inside. The plastic clip can hold banknotes.

Keys and Steel Chain

I have all my keys attached to a 75 cm (30 inch) long steel chain, that is attached to my belt loop. I do this for 25 years and I never lost a key.

I like to spin and rotate my keys for fun, it’s also good martial arts practice. The chain is a fantastic (legal) Ninja weapon – Kusari-fundo, (鎖分銅). You can also just drop your keys when you carry heavy shopping bags and still don’t lose them.

I try to limit my keys to the absolute minimum amount: House door, flat door, company door, letterbox, and roll container. I also have a Transcent 64 GB USB 3.0 stick attached to the key ring.

Handkerchief and Glasses Cleaning Cloth

In one of my back pockets, I carry a handkerchief, in the other one a glasses cleaning cloth. I have quite a lot of handkerchiefs since I stopped using paper handkerchiefs (except I’m sick of course). It’s much more environmentally friendly to not throw away a handkerchief after using it a few times but to just wash it and take another one.

The glasses cleaning cloth I use – you guessed it – to clean my glasses, but also to clean iPhone, iPad, and Notebook displays.

That’s it, feel free to share your Everyday Carries in a blog post or photo: Hashtag #edc and #everydaycarry. I’m curious what other people carry around.