Personal Website (Version 2)

My website and blog relaunched in April 2014 with a Responsive Design.

I build it with Jekyll, later migrated to Hugo, and automated the process with Gulp.js, optimized for various screen resolutions starting at a smartwatch up to desktop size. It uses SVG for the logo and all icons. It is speed optimized and passes Googles Page Speed Insights Test with full score. I provide a full Styleguide to see all variations possible for content elements. The source programming is available on GitHub.

The fantastic Bonsai image was shot by Norio Nakayama and provided with a CC license on Flickr.

Color Palette

R51 G51 B51 
H0 S0 L20 
R137 G180 B107 
H95 S33 L56 
R180 G43 B44 
H360 S61 L44 
R255 G255 B255 
H0 S0 L100 

Typefaces Yanone Kaffeesatz and Gentium Basic

Rakkan Logo




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